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If you want to feel more confident with your smile, you may be thinking of braces. But, dental technology continues to evolve, making Invisalign a great option for those who want a subtle fix. So, keep reading to learn why Invisalign in Fort Lauderdale may be for you!

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a smile corrective process. But, instead of your typical brackets and wires, you have a series of aligners. These trays are placed over your teeth like a retainer and discreetly shift your teeth into place. Then, every couple of weeks, you get a new aligner to help the process along. Your dentist will come up with a plan of action depending on the needs of your smile.

is invisalign in fort lauderdale better than braces

What are the Benefits of Invisalign?


Because Invisalign aligners are plastic and clear, they simply slip over your teeth and are not very obvious. This makes them ideal for many adults who may not want to have their smile solution visible.


Invisalign is super convenient. This is because you can take them off! Unlike braces, you wear your aligner for at least 20-22 hours a day, then take it off to eat, drink, and brush your teeth.

Less Discomfort

Between rough wires and tense rubber bands, braces can be pretty uncomfortable. Invisalign’s design limits these awkward pieces.

Improved Oral Health

During your time with Invisalign, you can still brush and floss your teeth with nothing inhibiting your ability to remove plaque and bacteria build up. This is so much better for your teeth in the long run!

Wanting to Get Invisalign in Fort Lauderdale?

You’re just a couple steps away from a better smile! Contact Dr. Giraldo’s office to learn more about Invisalign in Fort Lauderdale and schedule a consultation.

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