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Oral diseases can significantly impact one’s quality of life especially older adults. A healthy mouth is a component of health therefore, you should be paying attention to it just as much as you would to the rest of your body. As for older adults, they may find it challenging to keep up with their oral hygiene by themselves. Bringing them to your family dentist Fort Lauderdale for a regular dental checkup and professional cleaning will reduce their risk of developing oral diseases.

Recommendations for Non-Health Care Providers

If you are taking care of a senior member of the family, you must understand that oral health is an essential part of healthy aging and good quality of life. You must also know how medications can impact oral health especially to the elderly. Learning how to identify oral disorders and diseases affecting older adults will help you determine if your senior family member is affected.

Benefits of Senior Dental Care

Even if you have lost several teeth and have permanent stains and discoloration, you must not neglect the importance of proper hygiene and dental care. The health of your teeth can affect your immune system, your heart, and your digestion, so you should make your teeth and gums a priority. Here are the reasons why taking care of your dental health in your prime years is beneficial to you:

  • Appearance — Restoring the look of your teeth through dental implants or full/partial dentures can greatly improve the shape of your face.
  • Comfort – Relieve oral problems like thrush, dry mouth, or ill-fitting dentures to look your best.
  • Speaking and Eating – Properly fitted dentures or dental restorations like dental implants make eating, drinking, and speaking comfortable and natural again.
  • Overall Health – Protect your heart health and immune system through good oral care habits.

Advancing age puts your senior family members at risk for several oral health problems. You can prevent them by encouraging and helping them develop good oral hygiene and routine dental visits.

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Questions About a Family Dentist Fort Lauderdale?

If you have any questions on how you can help your senior family member maintain good oral habits, talk to a family dentist Fort Lauderdale today. Our family dentist Dr. Andrea Giraldo, is well-versed in dealing with oral care issues among senior. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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