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Dental checkups are essential in keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Regular dental checkups prevent strokes, heart attacks, and other medical conditions. While some people don’t enjoy going to the dentist, following very basic rules in finding the best dentist Fort Lauderdale may change your views about dental visits – that it is actually fun and rewarding. You just have to know what you need and where to look for. Finding someone you can trust with your oral health can be a little challenging but there are simple tips you can follow to find the right dentist.

Tips for Choosing the Right Dentist

If you have moved to a new location and are looking for a new dentist or just want to try out a different dentist, here are a few tips to find one:

  • Asking for a recommendation from your co-workers, friends, or family members
  • Ask your doctor or a pharmacist
  • Ask your current dentist for a recommendation if you are moving to a new location
  • Visit the ADA (American Dental Association) website

After getting a few recommendations, you may want to call or visit more than one of them.

How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off by the Dentist

There are plenty of dentists out there who make their patients’ interests their top priority. There are also unethical dentists who provide treatments that are unnecessary and offer products simply for profit. Here are basic recommendations from the American Dental Association in identifying dental fraud and what to avoid:

  • Avoid practices that advertise and offer deals
  • A new dentist that prescribes tons of treatment
  • Get a second opinion and ask to see x-rays

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Looking for the Best Dentist Fort Lauderdale?

In order to find the best dentist Fort Lauderdale for your dental care needs, do some research and evaluate the dentist after an appointment. If you or your family need the best dental care that Fort Lauderdale can offer, visit Dr. Andrea Giraldo today.

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