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When it comes to choosing the best dentist Fort Lauderdale for you it’s important to be meticulous and careful about setting the standards. Just because his/her dental clinic looks nice doesn’t mean he/she can automatically give you the quality service that you need. To help you decide if you’re with the right dentist, here are the alarming signs you’re with the wrong dentist:

The Dental Clinic Uses Outdated Technology

The best dentist Fort Lauderdale uses the latest technology to treat his/her patients. Using the latest technology doesn’t only assure that you receive the best treatment possible, it also helps assure that your dentist is also up-to-date with the latest techniques in treatment. So, if your dentist uses technology from 10 years ago, then it’s time to find a new one.

The Dental Clinic is Unclean

Your dentist should be working in a clean environment, because if not, then it’s likely that they’re also breaking the sterile protocol. Observe your dentist and his/her staff if they’re using gloves and if the materials and tools they use are sterile.

Your Dentist is Hard Selling

If your dentist is telling you that you need to go through extensive dental treatments or hard sells you crowns and other services, then you should seek the second opinion first before you do. 

Your Dentist Makes Creative Diagnosis

There’s news that some dentists are inventing diagnosis for profit. Example of this is non-existent cavities that need to be treated. So, when your dentist tells you that you have multiple cavities and you doubt that you do, then seek the second opinion or ask for a mirror or an x-ray to show you the cavities.

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It’s crucial that you entrust your oral health to someone who is credible and reliable in giving you the quality dental service that you need. Dr. Andrea Giraldo is the best dentist Fort Lauderdale you can trust! She and her team are committed to making sure your dental experience is inexpensive, pleasing and tailored to your needs. Call us today for inquiries or set an appointment online!

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